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Ski Boot Servicing

What do you do with your Damp, Wet, Smelly Ski Boots AFTER your ski holiday?

You're back from your ski holiday, you now have a million things to sort out, kids, cat/dog , washing, school, work, the list is endless. The thoughts already go through your mind that you need another holiday!
Generally, most people put their "just been skiing" ski boots straight in the loft, garage, cupboard somewhere and just leave them there till next seasons holiday.
You may have thought/arranged about bringing your skis into us for ski servicing to protect them during the summer months and so they are ready for your next trip.........But what about your ski boots? They most probably have been put away damp, wet and sweaty?
This can develop into musty, unpleasant odours from bacteria build up. In some case snow dampness in the boots can cause mildew between the shell and liner due to trapped moisture.
What about that little knock or stumble, did it damage or bend the buckles on my boots? Did I check it to see if they are ok? Are my heels and toes ok and not worn down?
We Offer an After Ski | Pre-Season | End of Season Ski Boot Servicing
We will make your Boots Cleaner, Drier and Fresher
We will also check that they are Safe To Use For Your Next Trip

What do you do with your Damp, Wet, Smelly Ski Boots JUST BEFORE your ski holiday?

NOTHING, as you've already had them serviced. They are clean, dry, odour free and have been checked out. So no last minute panics.

Boot Servicing

£15 / pair

  • Strip out inner liners and footbeds/insoles
  • Clean up, dry out and apply an ultraviolet light system that reduces bacteria and germs. The UV system also absorbs all those smelly odours!
  • Sanitise with an anti-bacterial treatment
  • Clean up your boot shells
  • Clean and dry inner and outer shells
  • Clean and brush off dirty heels and toes
  • Check shells for any cracks or crumbling of the plastic, as much older boots can shatter or crack
  • Check all buckles*
  • Check heels and toes**

Excessive wear/damage can affect safety and compromise the release from bindings. We will advise accordingly on replacement parts if applicable.

*Bent or damaged buckles may be replaceable. Prices vary from brand to brand.
**Worn heels and toes may be replaceable. Prices vary from brand to brand.