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Multi Lens Goggle Sets

Multi Lens Goggle Sets

Fed up with changing light conditions and wishing you had a different lens or had more goggles with you? Well now you only need one goggle.  Changing lenses on the slopes or chair lift is now so easy with our range of quick and easy lens change ski goggles. 
All these ski goggles in this range comes with 2 lenses so that you can swap over with ease, no fuss, no faffing or finger marks on the lens. These brands have invented very clever quick release systems that allows a quick change from one lens to another in less than 20 seconds. 
As a goggle tart and collector I have many, many pairs of goggles and I have used, tried and skied in all of them and I can honestly say they are all so quick and easy to change over. Pasq.
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