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Oscar Fur Snow Boots

OSCAR SPORT: An excellent example of a successful “Hand Made in Italy” family business making high quality products.
The year was 1974; Franco Breda founded the shoe company Oscar Sport.
Using the immense experience handed down to him from his father Alfonso, he decided that the moment had come to combine his passion with his career development, promising to hold true to two ideals: providing quality craftsmanship and maintaining a close personal relationship with his clients. This proved to be a winning strategy: as the year passed, these principles bore fruit, and developed into a thriving business, and today his children Oscar and Roberta are committed to ensuring this continues, with the knowledge that a strong future must ultimately be a based on traditional ideals.
For more than 40 years now, we at Oscar Sport have proudly boasted proven track-record in the niche sector of quality après-ski footwear, where we have combined commitment to quality craftsmanship with the highest quality certified and materials, which we personally select ourselves, including furs, sheep skins and pony skins. All by-products of the food industry.
Oscar Sport offers fine products expertly crafted in a highly specialized niche market, produced by a team of highly-skilled and experienced staff with a commitment to maintaining a strong direct personal relationship with our clients, while boasting a flexible production capacity, which enables us to compete even on high-volume orders.
In 2011, after a period of rigorous appraisal we received recognition by Veneto Regional Council as an Artistic Artisan.
Also in 2013 the Oscar brand was made even more world famous than they already are by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton and her fashion followers; when she was seen on the slopes wearing a pair of Oscar Giada Ecol snow boots!!

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